Madie’s LitSisters

Formed in 1996 by Leslie Ellis, Susan Marshall and Ruth Warren, The Literati Sisters meets regularly in members’ homes to share impressions, reflections and relevance of our selections over pot luck dinner and (of course) wine.   While we do spend some upfront time catching everyone up on our lives, we are very focused on discussion of the book and this club refuses to degenerate into a simply social event.  Everyone is strongly encouraged to finish the book selection by meeting date, and those who haven’t finished are usually fired up to complete it after engaging in our lively discussions.  Since COVID we began meeting by Zoom and have continued through geographical dispersion of several members.

In March of 2024 we renamed our club Madie’s LitSisters to honor and remember Madie Gustafson, our devoted and cherished friend.  Madie always brought thoughtfulness and relevance to our discussions, and her insights were uniquely probing.  No matter how difficult the read or distasteful the subject matter, we always had deeper appreciation of the book or the author’s intentions after our meetings with Madie.  She is painfully missed and will always be with us.

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